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 Make a great souvenir of a beachside stay with this seashell mobile
Sand Mosaics To make a picture,  draw with the tip of the glue bottle, then sprinkle on loose sand. Once the sand is dry, shake off the excess by gently tapping the side of the lid. For added detail,  glue on shells, pebbles, sea glass or any other not-too-aromatic finds
                Sand Mosaics
Make some Cockleshell Critters. Select 2 shells of like size and shape. Set one top-side down and glue a pair of bead eyes to the edge opposite the hinge. Eyes are provided in a jar upstairs on the kids shelves.
                    Cockleshell Critters






Cup o' Fish

Make an edible aquarium in a cup.  You will need:
blue jello
gummy fish (or fruit-flavored sharks)
clear plastic cups.

Make blue jello according to the directions on the box.
Pour into clear plastic cups.
Let them cool in the refrigerator until partially set - about an hour.

When they're partially set, place a few gummy fish in each cup.
Put them in the refrigerator until they're completely set.
Eat and enjoy!

Variations include:
Frozen fish-popsicles (just freeze the jello in popsicle molds - add the gummy fish when they are partially set - unmold very gently when entirely frozen). These are really messy to eat and are best eaten outside.
An entire punch bowl of fish jello (made like the cup o' fish)!













Fish Paper Plate Craft
This easy-to-make fish is a cute craft that is made from a single paper plate.
 Supplies needed: Paper plate
 Glue (or tape or a stapler)
 Googly eyes (optional)
 Crayons, paint or markers
 Cut a wedge out of a paper plate. The wedge will be the fish's tail; the hole will be the fish's mouth.
 Glue (or use tape or a stapler) the tail to the end of the fish.
 Glue a googly eye on the fish (glue on two eyes if you want a flounder) or simply draw eye(s).
 Color in the fish, drawing scales, lips, and so on.
 For an extra touch, make a tiny fish (use the same instructions as above, but start with a tiny circle made from construction paper). Hang the tiny fish from the large fish's mouth using a short piece of thread.












Bottle Cap Turtle
Turn a bottle cap into a tiny turtle!

What you need:

1 plastic bottle cap (from milk or juice jug)
2 cotton-tip swabs
1 piece of green construction paper
1 ice cream stick
2 peppercorns or beads
green paint

What to Do:

Paint the outside of the bottle cap green. (This will be the turtle's shell.)
Cut out a green paper circle. Make it just large enough to cover the bottom of the bottle cap.
Cut out a green paper tail.
Paint two cotton-tip swabs green. Break or cut each swab in half. (These will be the turtle's four legs.) Snap off an end of the ice cream stick for the head.
Place the head, legs, and tail in the position shown in the picture.
Glue them to the rim of the bottle cap.
Put glue around the rim of the cap and stick on the green circle so that the head, legs, and tail poke out of the turtle's shell.
Glue on peppercorns or beads for eyes.


















- turtle craft sheet
Download PDF here >>
- crayons or markers
- scissors
- glue
- paper plate
- googly eyes (optional) Instructions:
1) Download and print the PDF craft sheet here. .
2) Color the turtle’s carapace (shell), front and back flippers, and his head.
3) Cut out each of the turtle parts.
4) Glue the carapace to the back of the paper plate and the head and flippers to the underside of the plate.






Make Your Own Turtle























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