Kids Activities

Keep a Dolphin Watch. I have never been to the Cloud that I didn't see them at least once. And read a little about them on the Ask Mimi.



Look for sharks' teeth. I have the best luck finding them on the very North end at the "island" that is exposed at low tide. Then see if you can identify them with the shark's teeth chart on Ask Mimi.




Go for a seashell scavenger hunt. Look in the For the Kids File Folders upstairs. Grab a copy of the seashell pages and see how many you can find.


Sculpt something in the sand and then color it with spray bottles and food coloring.
 See some examples of what our family has done on the Sand Art Link.


She sells seashells,
By the seashore.
The shells she sells,
Are surely seashells.
So if she sells shells,
On the seashore,
I'm sure she sells,
Seashore shells.

Color a fish picture and attach it with little
clothespins to Mimi's fish net aquarium.


Design a fish and see if it can survive the reef.

Play the Cloud Game

Press SPACE to start and use the arrow keys to control the white cloud.














Select a piece of wood from the different shapes provided (stars, squares, rectangles etc.) Color it if you want or at least write your name on it and have a race in one of the long tidal pools and see whose shape and boat wins. The cutout wood pieces are in a small basket on the kids shelves upstairs.























































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